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PhD in Social Justice Education

Advance your studies in Social Justice Education and engage in original research and theoretical analysis at a doctoral level. If you are interested in pursuing a career in research or academia, this program is for you.

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PhD in Developmental Psychology & Education

This program is intended to further advance a student's knowledge of developmental psychology and human development, and their implications for children's well-being.

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PhD in Counselling & Clinical Psychology

Field: Clinical & Counselling Psychology

This program develops your research and theoretical knowledge in counselling and clinical psychology, and provides you with assessment skills, and knowledge in training in a range of professional issues.

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PhD in School & Clinical Child Psychology

Are you passionate about improving the mental health and well-being of children, youth and families? This program prepares you to become a leader in psychology practice and research in schools, mental health, community and university settings.

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PhD in Language & Literacies Education

Are you interested in the relationships of literacies in language or language in literacies across communities, societies, instructional environments and informal learning settings?

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PhD in Higher Education

This program provides the knowledge and research skills for you to pursue a career as a researcher in the field of higher education, or a career in colleges, universities, government agencies, professional associations and international organizations as a higher education expert in policy, leader

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PhD in Educational Leadership & Policy

Are you looking to further advance your knowledge of educational leadership, policy, social diversity and change, particularly relating to PK-12 education?

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PhD in Curriculum & Pedagogy

Are you an educator who aspires to transform student experience through critical and innovative approaches to curriculum and pedagogy? This program explores how curriculum can shape educational experiences in both formal and informal settings.

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PhD in Adult Education & Community Development

Are you committed to social justice and activism and hoping to teach from a cutting-edge radical perspective at universities or elsewhere?

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