In Memoriam

Remember and celebrate the lives of our alumni, faculty, staff and friends.

Gladys Kachkowski, Staff Member

Gladys was a strong, bold, outspoken, extremely organized woman with a generous heart of gold.

Keren Brathwaite, Alumna & Friend

Dr. Brathwaite was a co-founder, instructor and associate director at the Transitional Year Programme (TYP).

Charles Pascal, Professor Emeritus, Leader, Friend

Professor Emeritus Charles Pascal, a respected OISE faculty member, a former deputy minister of education, and passionate baseball aficionado, died on Apr. 24.

Sylvia McPhee, Alumna, Teacher, Friend

Sylvia developed an interest in education as a teenager which became a lifelong passion.

Madame Helen Vari, OISE Friend

We remember and honour the life of renowned philanthropist and tireless education advocate Madame Helen Vari (1931-2023).

Lauranna Marie Jones, Alumna

Laura was a caring, kind, and independent person who lived a full life.

Natalie Kuzmich, Professor Emeritus

Her love of teaching and music blazed the way for not just women conductors and music teachers, but also for innovations in music education.

Rina Cohen, Professor

A devoted mother, she was known for her kind gentle manner and loving optimistic approach.

Walter Howard, OISE Instructor, U of T alum

The late Walter Howard was a renaissance man, someone who moved easily between the worlds of education, music, the outdoors and building construction. 

Dick Holland, Instructor

OISE is saddened to share the passing of Dick Holland. Dick was a longstanding instructor in both the BEd and MT programs at OISE.

Anne Millar, Associate Dean

Many will remember Anne as Associate Dean of OISE having retired from the position some years ago.

Dorothy E. Smith, Professor Emeritus

Dorothy was a professor emerita of the Department of Social Justice Education at OISE and a member of the Order of Canada.