Educational Leadership & Policy program students are encouraged, but not required, to concentrate elective coursework in one of four thematic areas: 

Policy (P)

Leadership (L)

Change (C)

Social Diversity (SD)

Below is a complete list of all courses offered in the Educational Leadership & Policy program. To see course offerings for the current term, please visit OISE’s Course Enrolment website.

Course Code and Title Faculty Type P L C SD
LHA1003H-Designing Master's Research Proposals Diaz Rios, Manion Core Course        
LHA1004H-Research Literacy in Educational Leadership and Policy Chmielewski, Diaz Rios, Lopez, Manion Core Course        
LHA1040H-Introduction to Educational Leadership and Policy: Policy, Leadership, Change, and Diversity Action, Davies, Scully-Stewart Core Course        
LHA3003H-Designing Research Proposals in Educational Leadership and Policy Campbell, Flessa, Manion Core Course        
LHA3004H-Research Literacy for the EdD Program Campbell, Flessa Core Course        
LHA3007H-Literature Reviews for the EdD Program Menashy Core Course        
LHA3008H-Professional Seminar and Dissertation Workshop in International Educational Leadership and Policy   Core Course        
LHA3040H-People and Power in Organizations Diaz Rios, Davies, Flessa, Menashy Core Course        
EDP3045H-Educational Policy and Program Evaluation   Elective x      
LHA1012H-Organizational Culture and Decision-Making Scully-Stewart Elective   x    
LHA1013H-Developing and Organizing People in Education Campbell Elective x x x x
LHA1016H-School Program Development and Implementation Acton Elective   x    
LHA1018H-Political Skill in the Education Arena   Elective x      
LHA1019H-Diversity and the Ethics of Educational Administration   Elective   x    
LHA1020H-Teachers and Educational Change Campbell Elective     x  
LHA1030H-The Legal Context of Education Zuker Elective x      
LHA1035H-Sociology of Education Davies Elective x   x  
LHA1041H-Educational Administration II: Social and Policy Contexts of Schooling Farhadi, Flessa, Manion Elective x     x
LHA1042H-Educational Leadership and Diversity Garrett-Walker Elective   x   x
LHA1043H-Decolonizing and Antiracist Approaches to Educational Leadership Lopez Elective   x x x
LHA1047H-Managing Changes in Classroom Practice Acton Elective   x x  
LHA1048H-Educational Leadership and School Improvement   Elective   x x  
LHA1050H-Themes and Issues in Policy, Leadership, Change, and Social Diversity Acton Elective x x x x
LHA1065H-Global Educational Equity and Quantitative Policy Research Chmielewski Elective x      
LHA1066H-Comparative and International Perspectives on Gender and Education Policy and Practice Manion Elective x   x x
LHA3030H-Advanced Legal Issues in Education Zuker Elective x      
LHA3041H-Administrative Theory and Educational Problems ll: Doctoral Seminar on Policy Issues in Education Lopez, Menashy, Diaz Rios Elective x   x x
LHA3064H-Global Governance and Educational Change: the Politics of International Cooperation in Education Mundy Elective x x    
LHA5002H-School Leadership & Diverse Contexts Lopez Elective (Special Topics)   x x x
LHA5005H-Comparative and International Education: Issues for Teachers Manion Elective (Special Topics) x   x x
LHA5006H-Comparative Politics of Education Policy Diaz Rios Elective (Special Topics) x   x  
LHA5008H-Leading for School and Community Collaboration Flessa Elective (Special Topics)   x   x
LHA5011H-Critical Race Theory in Education Garrett-Walker Elective (Special Topics)   x x x
LHA5015H-Enacting Policy in Schools Farhadi Elective (Special Topics)        
LHA5017H-Critical Approaches to Online Learning Farhadi Elective (Special Topics)        
LHA6007H-Economics of Education Dhuey Elective (Special Topics) x      
LHA6009H-Doctoral Special Topics Course in Leadership Flessa Elective (Special Topics)   x   x
LHA6012H-Organizational Studies in Education Davies Elective (Special Topics) x   x  
LHA6014H-School Leadership in Post Colonial Contexts Lopez Elective (Special Topics) x x   x
EDP3145H-Methodological Approaches for Researching Education Policy [RM] Menashy Research Methods x   x x
JOI3043H-Development and Use of Surveys in Education Research (RM) Childs Research Methods        
JOI3048H-Intermediate Statistics in Educational Research: Multiple Regression Analysis [RM] Chmielewski Research Methods        
JOI3049H-Multilevel and Longitudinal Modelling in Educational Research [RM] Chmielewski Research Methods        
JOI6003H-Quantitative Research Practicum Davies

Research Methods (Special Topics)

LHA3005H-Introduction to Research Methods for the EdD (RM) Acton, Manion, Lopez Research Methods        
LHA3006H-Data Analysis for the Education Doctorate-RM Dhuey Research Methods        
LHA3042H-Field Research in Educational Leadership and Policy (RM) Garrett-Walker Research Methods        
LHA5014H-Introduction to Statistics for Educational Research [RM]  Chmielewski

Research Methods (Special Topics) 

LHA6013H-Qualitative Research Methods for Liberation [RM] Garrett-Walker Research Methods (Special Topics)     x x