Our faculty have multi-disciplinary teaching and research expertise in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to:

Laura Bisaillon
Sociology; social organization of knowledge; minoritization as experience and perspective; institutional ethnography of medical and legal relations; social studies of HIV/AIDS; professional and bureaucratic governance in the Canadian immigration system; Horn of Africa area focus; visual analysis

Katherine Entigar
Migrant rights, justice, and contributions in adult education; critical applied linguistics, multilingual education and new language acquisition; feminist and dialogical pedagogies and methodologies; sociocultural theory

Hye-Su Kuk
Social movement learning, democratization, and deepening democracy, state-society relations, post-1987 democracy in Korea, adult learning theory, critical theory, (institutional) ethnography, comparative education

Hye-Su Kuk Website

Jamie Magnusson
Queer/Trans community organizing; sex worker advocacy; harm reduction; urban poverty and rebel cities; decriminalization; marxist perspectives (queer/trans BIPOC); critique of finance capital

Lance McCready
Youth-adult transitions; youth policy and programs; African/Caribbean/Black populations; sexual minority youth; men and masculinities; educational attainment

Kiran Mirchandani
Gendered and racialized processes in the workplace; critical perspectives on organizational development and learning; globalization and economic restructuring

Shahrzad Mojab
Gender, state, diaspora and transnationality; women, war and learning; colonialism and imperialism; Marxist-feminism and learning; comparative and global adult education

Peter Sawchuk
Workplace learning; trade union studies; technology and work; adult learning theory; cognition and communication at work; Marxist theory

Jennifer Sumner (Program Co-ordinator)
Food and sustainable food systems; critical pedagogy; rural communities; sustainability; the civil commons, the social economy and co-operatives

Marcelo Vieta
Workplace and organizational learning for social change; sociology of work; alternative work organizations; critical community development; political economy of labour; social and solidarity economy; critical theory

Jennifer Wemigwans
Community empowerment from an Indigenous perspective; Indigenous cultural expression and Indigenous knowledge through new technologies, education and the arts; convergence between education, Indigenous Knowledge and new media technologies