Our faculty have multi-disciplinary teaching and research expertise in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to:

Currently accepting master’s students (*) Currently accepting master’s and doctoral students (**)


Karen Acton
Effecting positive change in the areas of principal and teacher leadership, social and eco justice; student well-being and success

Nina Bascia (On Leave)
Educational policy analysis and program evaluation; policy and teachers' work; teacher leadership and development; teacher unions and professional associations

Carol Campbell (LHAE Associate Chair)
Educational change policy and practices, K-12; professional learning and development; student learning, achievement, and equity; whole system reforms; knowledge mobilization

Anna Katyn Chmielewski ** (Program Coordinator, Coordinator, EdD Cohort in Educational Leadership and Policy) 
Educational policy and social inequality; socio-economic disparities in academic achievement; school segregation; neighbourhood inequality; school and program choice policies; secondary school streaming and tracking policies; international comparative research; international large-scale assessments; sociology of education; quantitative methods

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Scott Davies **
Sociology of education; large-scale data analysis; research design and methods; policy-oriented research; organizational analyses; student achievement

Elizabeth Dhuey **
Economics of education; program and policy analysis; quantitative methods; special education finance; skills and education for the future world of work; and early childhood education

Claudia Diaz Rios **
Politics of education; the interaction between global dynamics, domestic policies, and school change; changes in education governance, both globally and domestically, and their effects on the operation of schools and student learning

Beyhan Farhadi **
Critical policy studies; K-12 online education; technology, surveillance, and society; social movements for educational justice and equity; teacher leadership; qualitative research; knowledge mobilization

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Joseph Flessa
Politics and education; school-level leadership; administrative, leadership and organizational theory; applied research; urban education; comparative education

Whitneé Garrett-Walker **
Educational leadership, critical race theory in education, urban education, Black women in school leadership, school leadership preparation and continued development for educational justice

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Ann Lopez **
Educational leadership; school leadership across contexts; decolonizing educational leadership; equity in education and schooling; critical school leadership development and research; anti-oppressive approaches to school and educational leadership

Carly Manion *
Equity and social justice; sociology of education; comparative and international education; gender and education; education multilateralism; international organizations; policy; governance; teacher development

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Francine Menashy ** 
Global education governance and policy; international aid to education; education partnerships; education for refugees and in emergencies; power asymmetries and coloniality in global education

Karen Mundy ** (Coordinator, International Ed Leadership & Policy)
International organizations and educational change; global citizenship; civil society and education

Coleen Scully-Stewart (MEd Program Coordinator)
Educational leadership; organizational culture; educator development; school leadership, policy, change and social diversity

Marvin Zuker *
Educational law, criminal and family law; intersections of law and education; teachers, administrators, human rights and the rights of the child