Our faculty have multi-disciplinary teaching and research expertise in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to:

Currently accepting master’s students (*) Currently accepting master’s and doctoral students (**)

Mark Blaauw-Hara 

Scholarship of teaching and learning; community colleges; developmental education; writing studies; writing program administration; military veterans entering higher education.

Elizabeth Buckner **
Higher education, globalization and neoliberalism; human development; higher education privatization; comparative, international and development education; Middle East and North Africa

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Ruth Childs **
Assessment design and equity; admissions processes; access to post-secondary education; evaluation systems; and survey research

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Daniel Corral **
Higher education policy and finance;  postsecondary access and persistence of racially minoritized students and immigrant students; minority-serving institutions; quantitative methods

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Ruth Hayhoe 
Comparative higher education and international academic relations; dialogue across civilizations; comparative education theory; Chinese and East Asian higher education

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Katharine Janzen
Curriculum theory, design and development; teaching and learning strategies; education research; educational leadership and change

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Glen Jones (Program Coordinator)**
Higher education policy and politics in Canada; post-secondary systems and governance; changing academic profession

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Grace Karram Stephenson
Academic profession; student experience; international and comparative education; educational administration; global knowledge economy

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Eric Lavigne **
Higher education administration and management; organizational leadership, decision-making, and change; administrators’ recruitment, careers, and performance

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Creso Sa (LHAE Graduate Chair) **
Science and technology policy; academic organization and strategy; universities, innovation and economic development; entrepreneurship and technology transfer; research and the policy process

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Stephanie Waterman **
Indigenous college student experience; post-secondary student affairs and services; Indigenous student affairs; Indigenous methodologies; critical race theory

Leesa Wheelahan
Community college; politics in higher education; lifelong learning and vocational education; tertiary education policy; marketization and privatization; pathways in education; sociology of knowledge; college teacher preparation; education and labour markets

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Adjunct Faculty

Jane Knight
International dimension of higher education at the institutional, national, regional and international level; knowledge diplomacy; regionalization; comparative analysis of national and IHE policies, international programs and providers

Gavin Moodie
Relations between college and university education in developed countries; relations between postsecondary education and work; postsecondary education policy