EdD in Social Justice Education

Are you committed to social justice or social change, or aspiring to assume research-informed responsibilities in a school of community organization? This program is designed for you. It focuses on the exploration of applied and theoretical dimensions of professional educational praxis understood as the political relationships between knowledge, teaching and learning which takes place within or beyond schooling. The dissertation in practice component of the program is unique in that you will be able to approach and explore a topic of your choosing through an applied-style project that contributes to knowledge mobilization.

This program may be commenced on a part-time basis, but one year of full-time study is required and continuous full-time registration must be maintained thereafter.

Study options
Program length
4 years full-time, 6 years part-time
Example career pathways
Equity and race relations, community development, policy, education administration, academia.
Basic program requirements
8 half courses
Thesis (dissertation in practice)
Example courses
Introduction to Advanced Sociological Theory in Education (SJE3904H)
Troubling Knowledges in Education: the Politics of Claiming Truths (SJE1443H)
Aesthetics and Education (SJE3436H)