MA in Higher Education

Do you want to build towards a research career in higher education? Are you seeking the knowledge and skills needed to pursue teaching, policy, institutional and administrative and careers related to higher education? This research-stream program was designed for you. This program prepares you to pursue doctoral studies in higher education and related fields.

Study options
Program length
6 sessions full-time, 10 sessions part-time
Example career pathways
Administration, higher education policy, doctoral studies
Funding details

Full-time students receive a OISE Graduate Funding Package for their first two years of study. Those who advance to doctoral studies in the program will receive funding for an additional three years of full-time study at the PhD level.

OISE's Graduate Funding Package covers the cost of tuition, and helps offset other living expenses. Last year, awards averaged around $25,000 per eligible student.

Basic program requirements
8 half courses
Example courses
Doctoral Seminar: Recurring Issues in Postsecondary Education (LHA3803H)