MEd in Language & Literacies Education

Are you interested in investigating questions about the relationships of literacies in language or language in literacies across communities, societies, instructional environments and informal learning settings? In this course-based program, you will deepen your knowledge of curriculum, instruction, learning and policies for education in Indigenous, official, international/heritage, and sign languages, as well as in first and additional language and literacies. The MEd also offers a special concentration in Language Teaching (on a full-time basis only).

Study options
Program length
4 sessions full-time, 10 sessions part-time
Example career pathways
Language and literacy instruction, instructional leadership and program administration, curriculum design, policy analysis
Basic program requirements
10 half courses
Example courses
Foundations in Bilingual and Multicultural Education (CTL3000H)
Critical Literacy in Action (CTL3035H)
Language and Literacies Education in Multilingual Contexts (CTL3015H)