Deans Community Update - August 31, 2020


Dear OISE Faculty and Staff,

As a follow-up to my note last week, I want to provide you with some advance information in preparation for the beginning of the academic term 2020/21. Next week, as we welcome everyone to the start of the year, I will be sending a comprehensive email to the whole community that will include all OISE students and will outline a number of operational details.

In the meantime, please review the following information and if you have any questions, do let me know.


Remote Working and Learning

The OISE Leadership Team continues to support an approach where the default for most members of the OISE community will be to work and learn remotely. We are doing our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to sustain the health and safety of our community and the community at large. Even so, there is a recognition of some essential and exceptional circumstances where onsite access to the building may be necessary and appropriate, while minimal.


Access to 252 Bloor Street West Building

OISE faculty, staff and students who require onsite access to the building will be need to follow certain steps that are outlined on the OISE Chief Administrative Officer website. Effective September 1st, the following is required should you need onsite access:

Individual Access (one person)
Please book a time slot to come into the building via MS Booking Tools for Building Access. When you arrive on site, you will need to sign-in to the building using an online form, accessed with a QR code or weblink. You will need to sign-out from the building when you leave using a similar method. OISE Security is available to assist with this process if needed.

Meeting Access (more than one person)
Any onsite meeting that includes more than one person, will need to be pre-approved, booked and coordinated. Such requests will need to be assessed as to whether they are essential and also to consider building capacity along with various social distancing requirements. You will need to obtain departmental/unit pre-approval from the business officer/manager to book and coordinate these arrangements. Note that if approved, all persons will need to sign-in to the building using an online form, accessed with a QR code or weblink. They will need to sign-out from the building when leaving using a similar method. OISE Security is available to assist.

Building Hours
The OISE Building entry hours will be 7am to 8pm Monday to Friday.


CAO Website and Entry Video

All OISE faculty and staff should take a moment and look over the information found on the Chief Administrative Officer COVID-19 website. You will find a range of material including the MS Booking Tools for Building Access, a helpful video of what to expect when you enter the building, and a range of information on building protocols.

Once again, the default is remote activity, but where onsite access is necessary, the arrangements noted above should be followed. Also, we acknowledge that the situation is fluid and that we will need to adapt as necessary.


Staying Informed

As most of us continue to work remotely, it will be even more vital to find effective ways to stay informed and to assist others in finding relevant and timely information. On September 8th, 2020, we will launch the new OISE Together 2020 Hub where members of our community will find a host of useful information. Also, the Deans Office will continue to utilize the direct email superlists of OISE faculty, staff and students for Deans Community Updates. Note that the superlists are maintained within departments and units and if you are aware of new members to the faculty and staff group, please ensure that they are added to the appropriate department listservs.

Also, our Inside OISE e-newsletter will resume distribution and our OISE Communications team will continue to develop and deliver engaging and timely news and information via the OISE website and social media channels.


Take care,


Glen A. Jones, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean