Extension of Njoki Wane's Term as Chair of SJE

Interim Dean Normand Labrie
OISE Community

Dear OISE Community,

Professor Njoki Wane’s five-year term as Chair of the Department of Social Justice Education concludes on June 30, 2023. Professor Wane has been an outstanding department chair who has been successful in building community and improving financial stability in the department, in addition to providing leadership on important student recruitment and anti-racism initiatives. Given this success, as well as the desire for stable departmental leadership as OISE transitions to new Dean in 2023 and continues to adapt to a changing work environment, I invited Professor Wane to consider an extension of her appointment for an additional year. I am extremely pleased to report that Professor Wane has agreed to the extension which, following consultations with faculty, staff, and leadership, has now been approved by Governing Council. Professor Wane will therefore continue as Chair until June 30, 2024.      

Please join me in thanking Njoki for continuing in this crucial role during this transitional period.


Normand Labrie, Ph.D., FRSC
Professor and Interim Dean