Memorandum: Decanal Promotions Committee 2020-21

Glen A. Jones, Professor and Dean
OISE Faculty
Decanal Promotions Committee for 2020-21

I am pleased to announce the composition of the Decanal Promotions Committee for 2020-21. In accordance with the Policy and Procedures Governing Promotions and the Policy and Procedures Governing Promotions in the Teaching Stream, the Decanal Promotions Committee is advisory to the Dean and considers all recommendations for promotion to the ranks of Professor and Professor, Teaching Stream made by department chairs following the deliberations of departmental promotions committees. The membership of the committee is as follows:

Professor Megan Boler, Department of Social Justice Education
Professor Kiran Mirchandani, Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education
Professor Erminia Pedretti, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
Professor Michal Perlman, Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development
Professor Ruth Sandwell, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
Professor Neil ten Kortenaar, Department of English, UTSC (Provostial Assessor)

My thanks to all of these individuals for agreeing to be part of this very important process.