OISE Statement Fall-Winter 2021-22


Planning for the 2021-2022 academic year at OISE is well under way as course registration will open on July 14.  While the hope for return to in-person activities is increasing with the roll-out of vaccination against COVID-19, OISE is carefully monitoring the ongoing pandemic and is committed to creating a safe and healthy environment for our community, while also ensuring that our students continue to make progress toward the completion of their degree.

Consideration and priority for in-person activities will depend on capacity and on the degree to which the activity in question is an essential program requirement or pedagogically beneficial for the students [1 & 2].  We want to provide the most positive student experience by avoiding as many disruptions as possible.

We are in a unique position given that out of our 3500 students, 1000 students complete a practicum or an internship as part of the essential requirements of their program.  Our primary objective is to ensure that our students are safe while obtaining the best education possible.

Courses that include a field placement will be indicated as in-person courses in the course registration system.  There is an expectation that students will complete their placements in-person. However, those who need special accommodations are invited to connect with their program.

In the Fall session, courses which do not involve a field placement will be offered online.

In the Winter session, sixty percent of courses across all OISE programs will be offered in-person, which includes full-year courses that will have started online in the fall and pivot to in-person in the winter if public health conditions are favorableMost of these are in our teacher education and counselling/clinical programs.  The remaining forty percent of courses will continue to be offered online.

As noted in previous updates, OISE has a long history and a depth of experience offering online courses. We continue to build on our expertise in pedagogy and use of technology in order to offer online cutting-edge teaching and learning opportunities. We are committed to offering exceptionally high-quality instruction and programming to support our graduate programs, while also enhancing access to these programs during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

[1] Students with Research Fellowship, Graduate Assistant or Teaching Assistant responsibilities may be required to attend campus to fulfil their duties. 

[2] International Students should connect with UofT’s Centre for International Experiences to learn more about Study permits, Work permits and travel to Canada. 

For the latest updates relevant to OISE programs, please be sure to visit the ORSS site.



Glen A. Jones, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean                 

Normand Labrie, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Programs and Incoming Interim Dean