Statement on the Passing of William G. Davis


The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, along with the University of Toronto, the Province of Ontario, and Canada, is feeling a deep sense of loss with the passing of Premier William Grenville Davis on Sunday, August 8th, 2021. We send our sincerest condolences to the Davis family.

Premier Davis was a great friend to our community. He lent his insight and his heart as a friend to many who have worked and learned under the OISE banner. We will sorely miss his guidance and presence.

Through an act of Legislation in 1965, Premier Davis envisioned and enabled the creation of OISE – what has become one of the world’s highest ranking educational institutes. The very ethos of our institute traces to the passion and leadership of Mr. Davis – as education minister, as Premier, as friend of the Institute.  His creation of Ontario’s community college system and the Ontario Education Communications Authority—known today as TVO—is further testimony to his remarkable vision. As he often stated, “if we get education right, everything else will be better, including such things as social services, health care and so much more.”

His legacy will continue to inspire our overall mission to advocate for education and prepare our community for the challenges now and beyond. His kindness and generosity of spirit stands as an exemplar about how we need to treat each other during challenging times.

We hope we continue to make him proud.


Normand Labrie, PhD, FRSC
Professor and Interim Dean