OISE Black faculty assemble for annual conversation event

By OISE Staff
February 24, 2023
The webinar event brought together Black faculty at OISE. Zoom screenshot.

Methods of care, fostering community, and freedom dreaming were some of the topics covered in a boisterous, thoughtful Black Faculty in Conversation webinar that took place on Feb. 15.

An event organized by the Centre for Black Studies in Education, the Centre for Leadership and Diversity and the Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies, the special conversation featured members of Black faculty from OISE. Moderated by Assistant Professor Andrew B. Campbell, this year’s theme was ”Building belonging between, within, and across Black communities and spaces.”

Professor Erica Walker, Dean of OISE, presented introductory remarks, Professors Ann Lopez and Njoki Wane discussed the principles undergirding the new Centre for Black Studies in Education, and three faculty – Professor Qui D. Alexander, Lecturer Dr. Marie A. Green, and Assistant Professor Linda Iwenofu – provided a robust conversation pertaining to the theme.

You can watch the full video below.


More about the speakers:

    • Lecturer Dr. Marie A. Green has led courses in anti-discriminatory Education, religious education and contemporary topics like Black Lives Matter. Her research focused on the intersections between Christian education, race, and Indigeneity.
    • Assistant Professor Linda Iwenofu is a Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychologist and is the director of the PowerinYouth Research Lab.
    • Assistant Professor Qui D. Alexander has many research and teaching interests – including Black trans studies, transformative justice, Black feminist thought, and critical pedagogies. They began their time at OISE on July 1, 2022.
    • Professor Ann Lopez is a professor of educational leadership & policy. She is the Director of the Centre for Leadership and Diversity and the co-director of the Centre for Black Studies in Education at OISE.
    • Professor Njoki Wane, a co-director of the Centre for Black Studies in Education with Professor Lopez, is the current chair in OISE’s department of Social Justice Education.
    • Assistant Professor Andrew Campbell is our moderator tonight. He is currently a Faculty Member in the Master of Teaching program, and has been an educator for over 25 years in countries including Jamaica, The Bahamas and Canada.
    • Professor Erica Walker is the Dean of OISE. She began to serve as OISE Dean on Jan. 1. Learn more about Professor Walker here.
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