Evelyn Wilson, Staff Member

April 18, 2021

We have just received the sad news that our wonderful colleague Evelyn Wilson passed away peacefully at home on Sunday April 18, 2021. As a member of the OISE Continuing and Professional Learning (CPL) team, Evelyn’s commitment to education inspired many to pursue an education path as their chosen profession. She took great pride in the efforts of CPL to serve the field of education, and brought energy, enthusiasm and pragmatism to her work. CPL Director Elisabeth Rees-Johnstone, shared that “over the years, Evelyn and I traveled great distances and spoke at length of family, faith, and friendship…she was our great cheerleader, taking pride in our team and our work.  She is dearly missed.”

Please take a moment today to remember our dear colleague Evelyn Wilson.

In Memoriam
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