Doug Hart, Staff Member

May 30, 2022

Doug was an incredibly valued member of OISE's staff for several decades: as Research Officer and then appointed as Institutional Researcher following the merger in 1996-97. Those who worked collaboratively with him in the Modern Language Centre realized early on that having Doug participate on any research project enhanced the quality of the work immensely. He played a key role in the Dean’s Office through the analysis of complex student, faculty, staff, and financial information. He contributed to OISE as a union leader, a data analyst, and as the academic lead of the OISE Public Education Survey in the later years of the project.

Former Dean Glen Jones shared the following reflection.

“I had the tremendous honor of working with Doug for many years. He was devoted to OISE and I always marvelled at his knowledge of our history and evolution. He was a great researcher and analyst, but he was also renowned for his kindness, dedication, and his appreciation of mystery novels. He was a truly wonderful man and extremely proud of OISE.”

In Memoriam
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