George Brown Chef School Share Love and Knowedledge of Food with AECD Students

By Jennifer Sumner and LHAE Comms Team
October 26, 2023
Students from the George Brown Chef School standing by the OISE sign

On October 4, second-year undergraduate students from the Honours Bachelor of Food Studies Program at George Brown College visited OISE to share their knowledge and love of food with the students in the Pedagogy of Food course in the Adult Education and Community Development (AECD) Program.  Part of the Chef School, The Honours Bachelor of Food Studies is the first four-year degree in Canada that combines culinary arts and a comprehensive food studies curriculum, which allows students to master culinary techniques while also examining the food system.

Invited by Prof Jennifer Sumner, the visiting undergrads were accompanied by Professor and Chef Lucy Godoy, a graduate of the AECD Program.  After introductions, the visitors gave a presentation about their work at the Chef School and answered a stream of questions from the AECD students.  Before they departed, the visitors handed out gifts to everyone: chef hats with hand-made thank-you cards and spice packets with recipes.  The visit offered an opportunity for AECD students to meet with future chefs while also furthering their understanding of the deep links between food and learning.

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