EdD in Child Study & Education

Are you an education professional who is looking to further your expertise and knowledge in areas of child study with a focus on special education and security, child and youth well-being? This cohort-based program is designed for you. Specialize in one of three areas of emphasis: early years, special education, or wellbeing and mental health.

Study options
Program length
4 years
Example career pathways
Special education or early childhood education consultant, mental health lead, non-profit consultant or director
Basic program requirements
8 half courses
Thesis (dissertation in practice)
Example courses
Issues in Child Study and Education: Research, Policy, and Problems of Practice (APD3301H)
Advanced Study of Critical Issues in Special Education, Mental Health and Security (APD3302H)
Advanced Study of Tools and Research Methods for Investigating Problems of Practice: Data-driven Research for Decision-Making (APD3303H)