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OISE 8th Floor South Administration Office
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Welcome to the 8th Floor South Administration Office Directory. Connect with our teams using the contact information below. 

Advancement, Communications & External

The Advancement, Communications, and External Relations team plays a vital role in driving OISE's growth, ensuring meaningful community connections, and highlighting the many successes of the Institute within the broader community. 

Advancement General Inquiries alumni.oise@utoronto.ca
Communications General Inquiries oiseut.communications@utoronto.ca
Reesa Barkhouse reesa.barkhouse@utoronto.ca
Ria Ekjot ria.ekjot@utoronto.ca
Sim Kapoor sim.kapoor@utoronto.ca
Perry King perry.king@utoronto.ca
Marianne Lau marianne.lau@utoronto.ca
Natalie Neumann-Butler natalie.neumannbutler@utoronto.ca




Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Provides leadership and expertise in the development, implementation and evaluation of OISE's strategic plan ensuring sustainable and fiscally responsible management of faculty resources in support of the Institute's academic priorities. Promotes organizational and service excellence, operational efficiency, community wellness, and employee engagement & recognition.

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General Inquiries oisecao@utoronto.ca
Tess Barclay tessa.barclay@utoronto.ca
Ai-Ri Brown airi.brown@utoronto.ca
Helen Huang helenl.huang@utoronto.ca

Faculty Budget & Planning

Faculty Budget & Planning provides support for strategic financial planning and budget analysis on operating budgets, research and endowed funds management, policy compliance, and financial administration processes.

General Inquiries oise.finance@utoronto.ca
Rushain Abbasi rushain.abbasi@utoronto.ca



OISE Council and its Standing Committees make decisions about academic policies and priorities for teaching, learning and research at OISE. The Governance team supports this work.

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General Inquiries oise.council@utoronto.ca
Doug Ullrich doug.ullrich@utoronto.ca


*Other members of the Governance team are located in the Dean's Office, 12th Floor.


Human Resources

OISE's HR team supports faculty and staff though specializing in payroll, pension and benefits, providing expert HR advice and support in the areas of employee & labour relations, talent acquisition & management and professional development.

General Inquiries oise.hr@utoronto.ca
Tatiana Larkin tatiana.larkin@utoronto.ca
Madelaine Panoulias madelaine.panoulias@utoronto.ca
Luxmi Ramasamy luxmi.ramasamy@utoronto.ca
Madison Seymour madison.seymour@utoronto.ca
Jennifer Tucker jennifer.tucker@utoronto.ca


Space Planning & Management

Responsible for managing and planning OISE's buildings and related services in co-operation with University of Toronto central Facilities and Services in order to provide a healthy, functional and beautiful environment for all.

General Inquiries oise.space@utoronto.ca
Andrew Maksymiw andrew.maksymiw@utoronto.ca
Leah Scherk leah.scherk@utoronto.ca


Student Funding Office

The Student Funding Office supports the planning and delivery of OISE's funding packages to students in full-time PhD programs and non-professional MA programs. 

Learn more about OISE's Graduate Funding Package


Research, International & Innovation

The Office of the Associate Dean, Research, International & Innovation offers support for faculty and student research in the areas of general research support,  hosting visiting scholars, and organizing conferences and research events.

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*Other members of the Research & Innovation team are located in the Dean's Office, 12th Floor.