Nomination Requirements

The Staff Excellence Awards are intended for supporting frontline staff, which include USW employees, Confidentials, Professional Managers (PM) 1-5. Senior administrative managers in the category PM 6 to 9 are not eligible for these awards.

Nominations are welcome from the OISE community including faculty, staff and students. The lead nominator must ensure the support of at least two co-nominators for each nomination.

All administrative staff members at OISE (except senior management employees in category PM 6-9) may be nominated for any of the above awards given they meet the specific criteria.

  1. An individual can only win the same award once every three years. As well, an individual may only be the recipient of one award in a calendar year.
  2. You may nominate more than one individual per award category.
    • Please use a separate nomination form for each individual nomination.
  3. A brief rationale for the nomination addressing how the nominee meets the specific criteria is required.
  4. All nomination forms must be submitted electronically using the online form by 11:59pm on February 24, 2023.
  5. All nominations will be reviewed, and the winners selected by the Staff Recognition Awards Selection Committee, which will be chaired by the Chief Administrative Officer. 
    • Note: A new committee will be established each year to ensure broad representation.
  6. The Selection Committee Reserves the right to move nominations to a different category if they believe another category more accurately reflects a nominee's contributions.
  7. Awards will be presented and the winners celebrated at the OISE Faculty and Staff Awards ceremony in April 2023.

Award Selection Committee Composition

A new committee will be established each calendar year to ensure broad representation. Members of the Awards Selection Committee cannot submit nor endorse any nominations.

The Staff Excellence Awards Committee Composition is as follows:

Chief Administrative Officer, Chair

One Student Representative from OISE's Faculty Council

One Representative from the OISE International Students' Association

One Dean or Associate Dean

One Department Chair

One Head of A Non-Academic Unit

One Human Resources Representative