Faculty Search Committees for 2022-23

Interim Dean Normand Labrie
OISE Community

I am pleased to announce that OISE has received approval to conduct 6 new tenure stream faculty searches in 2022-23. The positions are listed below along with the membership of the search committees.

Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development

Assistant Professor - Clinical and Counselling Psychology

Earl Woodruff (Professor & Chair, APHD)

Kathy Broad (Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, CTL: Dean’s Rep.)

Lin Fang (Associate Professor, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work)

J. Garrett-Walker (Associate Professor, APHD)

Abby Goldstein (Associate Professor, APHD)

Jenny Hui (Graduate Student, APHD)

Roy Moodley (Associate Professor, APHD)

Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

Assistant Professor - Access and Equity in Student Transitions

Creso Sá (Professor & Chair, LHAE)

Alexandre Cavalcante (Assistant Professor, CTL)

Katyn Chmielewski (Associate Professor, LHAE)

Daniel Corral (Assistant Professor, LHAE)

Normand Labrie (Professor, CTL: Dean’s Rep.)

Estefania Toledo (Graduate Student, LHAE)

Leesa Wheelahan (Professor, LHAE)

Assistant Professor - Educational Policy and Equity

Creso Sá (Professor & Chair, LHAE)

Carol Campbell (Professor, LHAE)

Claudia Diaz Rios (Assistant Professor, LHAE)

Arlo Kempf (Assistant Professor, CTL)

Normand Labrie (Professor, CTL: Dean’s Rep.)

Francine Menashy (Associate Professor, LHAE)

Desiree Sylvestre (Graduate Student, LHAE)

Associate Professor / Professor – William G. Davis Chair in Community College Leadership

Creso Sá (Professor & Chair, LHAE)

Elizabeth Buckner (Assistant Professor, LHAE)

Scott Davies (Professor, LHAE)

Ruth Hayhoe (Professor, LHAE)

Susan He (Graduate Student, LHAE)

Eunice Jang (Professor, APHD)

Michele Peterson-Badali (Professor, APHD: Dean’s Rep.)

Department of Social Justice Education

Assistant Professor – Asian and Asian Diaspora Studies in Education

Njoki Wane (Professor & Chair, SJE)

Sarah Alam (Graduate Student, SJE)

Megan Boler (Professor, SJE)

Negin Dahya (Assistant Professor, Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology, UTM)

Angela Hildyard (Professor, LHAE: Dean’s Rep.)

Amal Madibbo (Associate Professor, SJE)

Miglena Todorova (Associate Professor, SJE)

Assistant Professor - Indigenous Queer / Two Spirit Studies

Njoki Wane (Professor & Chair, SJE)

Jennifer Brant (Assistant Professor, CTL)

Ruth Childs (Professor, LHAE: Dean’s Rep.)

rosalind hampton (Assistant Professor, SJE)

Tanya Titchkosky (Professor, SJE)

Eve Tuck (Associate Professor, SJE)

Heather Watts (Graduate Student, SJE)


I would like to thank the members of these search committees, and the staff who are supporting them, for undertaking this very important work.


Normand Labrie, Ph.D., FRSC 

Professor and Interim Dean