The Department of Leadership, Higher & Adult Education (LHAE) offers two types of doctoral degree programs: Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Education. Each degree serves a different purpose, depending on your professional and academic goals.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Our Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree programs are intended for those who want to pursue advanced study, original research and theoretical work as well as practical work.

Flex-Time Doctoral Degrees

The flex-time option enables students to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) while working. It's available to professionals whose employment is closely related to their proposed area of study. 

Flex-time students are given more time to complete their degree and can take courses on a part-time basis. The program requirements are the same as those for the full-time program. 

Doctor of Education (EdD)

Our Doctor of Education (EdD) degree programs are designed for the professional improvement of practitioners: