Master of Education in Higher Education (Student Development & Student Services in Higher Education Field)

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Student Development & Student Services in Higher Education Field
Master of Education in Higher Education

Master of Education in Higher Education (Student Development & Student Services in Higher Education Field) Overview

Are you a student development and services professional who wants to advance in your career? 

The number of staff in student development and student services roles in Canada is growing, as well as the complex challenges they're facing. This course-based, professional degree program prepares students to become experienced practitioners and educational leaders, knowledgeable student development and student services scholars, and reflective and critical thinkers guided by a commitment to equity and the creation of maintenance of inclusive learning environments.

Students will learn and understand:

  • The history, philosophy, and foundations of student development and services, including theories and conceptual foundations.
  • Relevant characteristics of students and their experience in postsecondary education environments.
  • Administration and organization of student services in postsecondary education.
  • Assessment, evaluation, and research.
  • Broader issues within postsecondary education systems and their relationship to student development.

Graduates will be able to apply theory to meaningful practice with individuals and organization; communicate effectively about the development of students and the services within postsecondary education institutions that impact students’ development; and construct, implement, and assess programs and processes that address issues of student growth and development.

Preference will be given to applicants who have some experience working in student facing roles in postsecondary education. We construe experience quite broadly, to include those working in student life while studying.

For detailed information about the program, please consult the School of Graduate Studies Calendar.

At a Glance

Study Options
Full-time (4 sessions)
Part-time (10 sessions)

Funding and Tuition
For current information about tuition fees, funding, and financial support, visit Tuition & Financial Support.  

Applications for the 2024-2025 admissions cycle are now open. Apply Today !!


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Why I Chose Leadership, Adult & Higher Education

Image of Kamadchi Karunanandan
Kamadchi Karunanandan (Master of Education 2023)


"Applying for the Student Development & Student Services program at OISE was an easy decision for me. Many of my colleagues and close friends graduated from OISE and had nothing but great things to say about the high-quality faculty, courses, and administration. Once I came to OISE, I immediately felt a sense of belonging and community. I met like-minded people who cared deeply about the student experience and sought out additional education to enhance their practice as educators. My courses comfortably challenged me to think outside of the box and how we support students with varying identities & needs, particularly when the climate of higher education is constantly changing. I am grateful for all the learning and experiences I engaged in during my time at OISE. "

Master of Education in Higher Education Admission Requirements

General Admission Requirements

Please visit the OISE Admissions website for detailed information about the application process, including general minimum admission requirements and supporting documents. 


Program-Specific Information (Minimum Admission Requirements)



Required Supporting Documents

All applicants must submit: 

  • Transcript(s) from each post-secondary institution attended.
  • Two letters of reference (one academic and one professional).
  • Resumé that provides clear and complete information about the applicant's work or field experience related to their proposed studies.
  • Answers to faculty admissions questions (applicants are to answer each question in an essay format).

Program Information


Students must complete 5.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs) as follows:

  • Recurring Issues in Postsecondary Education (LHA 1803H, 0.5 FCE)
    • To be taken at the beginning of the program.
  • 1.5 FCEs in Student Development and Student Services:
    • The Student Experience in Postsecondary Education (LHA 1844H, 0.5 FCE)
    • Student Development Theory (LHA 1854H, 0.5 FCE)
    • Advanced Student Development Theories in Higher Education (LHA 1856H, 0.5 FCE)
  • 3.0 FCEs including:
    • 0.5 FCE from the Higher Education program.
    • 0.5 FCE in research methods.
  • Depending on an individual student's professional experience, students may be advised to take Introduction to Student Services (LHA 1853H, 0.5 FCE).

Collaborative specializations provide graduate students enrolled in participating degree programs with an additional multidisciplinary experience as they complete their home degree program. 

Learn more about the collaborative specializations offered to students in this program:

Faculty in the Higher Education program have multi-disciplinary teaching and research expertise in a wide range of fields. 

Our faculty's expertise includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Higher education, globalization and neoliberalism
  • Comparative higher education and international academic relations
  • Educational leadership and change
  • Higher education policy and politics in Canada
  • Minoritization in postsecondary institutions
  • Indigenous college student experience
  • Politics in higher education
  • Sociology of knowledge
Are you interested in gaining work experience in the field of Student Affairs & Student Services while completing your studies at OISE?

The Internship in Student Services (LHA1858H or LHA1859H) course is an excellent opportunity for students seeking work experience in the field of student affairs and student services while earning a credit at OISE. 

How do I find out about positions?
  1. Internship Opportunities – Students interested in internship positions can review the following sites/information:
  2. Additionally, as positions become available, announcements are sent out via the Higher Education students listserv with additional details.
  3. Students that are able to identify appropriate internship positions (i.e., work within student affairs, paid positions, approximately 120 hours, span Sept-Apr/May-Aug) may have these reviewed by the instructor to determine if they are appropriate for the course.
Other important details:
  1. Please note that for internship positions, you must be eligible to work in Canada, have a Social Insurance Number, and be registered for the internship course sessions.
  2. Students would have to be successful in their application to an internship position before submitting the course add form for the instructor's approval.
  3. The courses are a half credit but typically span 2 terms (e.g., May-August; September-April).
  4. The internship sites will work with students to ensure that the work requirements can accommodate their schedules.
  5. The work schedule and conditions (e.g., in person, virtual, hybrid) would be determined between the student and internship site supervisor. 

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